Certified Parliamentarian Exam Application (January 2024)

  • 15 Jan 2024
  • 29 Jan 2024


  • One time only within the next three testing periods

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2024 Certified Parliamentarian Application, Examination and Certification 

Examination Window               Application Deadline

January 15-29, 2024                     November 10, 2023

Congratulations! Your decision to seek certification is important.

To help you, AIP has prepared this registration process.  It includes the following:

  • Accrediting Department Policies for Written Examinations for Certified Parliamentarian, available for review here. 
  • An application for this examination and payment information, available by clicking Register
  • An activity points calculation form, for submission with the examination application. The activity points form is viewable within the registration process and can also be found here.

*Please be aware that the date and time proposed for the exam, and monitor's name and contact information will be required for registration.

Activity points must be turned in one week prior to the opening of the Examination Date or the examination will be cancelled and fees will be forfeited. Questions about these policies may be addressed to accrediting@aipparl.org.

The written examination consists of three parts:

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. Short answer questions
  3. Narrative scripting exercise (you are given a series of actions/activities and must demonstrate your knowledge of the correct language to achieve the result requested)

Important information:

  • Each part is taken separately. Once completed, you cannot return to a prior part of the exam. 
  • A short break of up to 15 minutes is permitted between parts. 
  • The exam must be taken in one sitting.
  • There is a one-hour time limit for each section.
  • Retakes of individual sections are not permitted.
  • Activity points are reviewed by the Accrediting Department; additional documentation may be required. 

The Accrediting Department determines whether the requirements for certification have been met. You may not use the “Certified Parliamentarian” or “CP” designations until you have been officially notified of your certification.

Thank you again for you interest in parliamentary certification. If you need further assistance, contact the AIP Accrediting Department at accrediting@aipparl.org.

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